On Footholds And Pedestals

Posted by bro cr0cus on Sunday, June 7, 2015 In : ESL 

I first learned of the word "foothold" in a sermon in Ephesians 4:27:

"Don't give the devil a foothold."

The dear pastor described it this way: "If you give the devil your foot, he'll take the whole leg. If you give the devil your leg, he'll take your whole body." Or something like that.

From then on, my imagery was like that of a crab pulling down another, somewhat like 'crab mentality.'


A foothold is nothing like that; it has nothing to do with a hand holding down a foot. Foothold ...

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So...What? Get to Know the English of the Bible

Posted by cr0cus . on Monday, August 19, 2013 In : ESL 

 And so I was reading through my Bible one day when I came across this verse:

So let me remind you of the Eternal’s enduring love, and why we should praise Him.
    Let me tell you again how the Eternal gives and gives and gives.
All God’s wonders and goodness are done for Israel’s benefit
    according to His great mercy and compassion. 
(Isaiah 63:7, Voice)

Then I remembered an email from Dictionary.com:

Subsequently, the word “so” just got so interesting.

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Download Free NLT eBook

Posted by cr0cus . on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 In : etc 

The much awaited free New Living Translation Bible version is available thru Olive Tree Bible Study App.
It's the second version update from the 1996 publication.

This free download is only available until August 3, 2013.

To get it, first download the Bible Study App here.
Then, go to the Store, and voila!


The Bible Study App from Olive Tree is a great alternative from Youversion. Unlike the latter, these features are also available for free (without any time/day limit):

1. ...
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