1.    iPad 2 (wifi)
2.    Not synced to iTunes
3.    One version behind the latest iOS
4.    Windows 7

And so, your iPad 2 is stuck with this message: iPad is disabled; connect to iTunes

Try these:

Preliminary steps: Save your files
 a.    If you have enabled iCloud in your iPad, then everything will be restored – even the app positions!
 b.    If not, use other programs to save some of your files like (This software treats your iPad like a usb drive, and you may copy to PC.
 c.    As for the rest, consider them gone – forever.

Now, to redeem your iPad, try these steps:
1.    Update your iTunes to the latest version.
 *Open iTunes
2.    Connect your iPad
 a.    If you iPad is recognized, click restore and follow the directions.
 b.    If it is not recognized, use the DFU mode.

The DFU Mode
Version 1:
1.    Turn off the iPad by prolong-press the Sleep/Wake button. (“slide to power off” message will appear.)

2.    Attach the usb-end to your PC, but not the other end – not just yet.

3.    While holding the Home button, plug the cable. Keep on holding the home button until the picture to connect to iTunes appear.

Version 2:
1.    Attach your iPad as usual.
2.    At the same time, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button.
 a.    After 10 secs, release the Sleep/Wake button BUT NOT the Home button.
 b.    Release the Home button when the image ‘connect to iTunes’ appear.

iTunes message boxes
1.    iTunes will then detect your iPad to restore it. Click thru all the directions.
2.    If your iPad is some version/s behind, iTunes will have the message “restore and update.”
 -Then it will download the latest iOS version compatible to your iPad.
 -If your iTunes hangs after some minutes, and the operation is not completed, then you have to download the update the version manually.

Download the latest Ipad Software Manually
1.    Go to a website where Apple devices’ softwares are available. One is
 -Choose your software exactly. It should be the one compatible to your iPad. 

 For example, iPad 2 Wifi is different from iPad 2 Wifi 2012, etc. (This is about 700 mb)

2.    Once you’ve completed the download, connect your iPad again.
3.    Once recognized, before you point your mouse on the ‘restore’ button, press and hold SHIFT, then click restore.
4.    It will direct you to a file in your PC. Choose the iPad software.

Once the restoration is complete on your iPad, you have options to set it up
a.    as a new iPad
b.    restore from iCloud
c.    restore with iTunes.
The choice is yours.

1.    If ‘iPad 2 is disabled, connect to iTunes’
2.    Update Itunes
3.    Connect iPad. Use DFU mode if necessary.
4.    Inside iTunes, follow thru the message boxes.
a.    Download the latest iOS version as necessary.
5.    Follow thru the next directions on your iPad.

I solved my iPad lock in 2 days – since I needed to google, do trial and error, and sleep in between. You can fix yours in an hour with a fast internet connection for the downloads.