4 Sites to help Phone and Video English tutors bluff their way out of a new word, phrase or expression:

* Wordweb

- no ads, loads fast.
- has a free downloadable offline program.

        For Wordweb download, click here.
        Upon installation: Configure the settings for 'International' as the English standard.

    Quick Tip: Change the hot key for easier access.

    a. Right-click on the icon at the system tray.

    b. click on 'Change hot key.'

    c. The default hot key is 'Ctrl+Alt+W.'

          Choose a 2-keystoke alternative. Ex. Alt+Z   

* The Free Dictionary

- has 3 audio pronunciations: 1 American male voice, 1 American female voice, and 1 British female voice.
- has an extensive list of idiomatic expressions, among other things.

    Quick Tip: short URL - tfd.com

* Macmillan Dictionary

- useful for knowing countable and uncountable nouns in a glance.
- it also gives out word forms

* Online Etymology Dictionary

- useful for knowing word origins. (Makes you sound smart!)

For a class as short as 10 minutes, these quick references are vital to avoid dead air and unprofessional ahhs and uhmms.

What else do you use? What do you use it for?

(top image via Pixabay)