3 Ways to check grammar and spelling:

* Ginger Software
- available online
- free download.

* Spellchecker.net

- available online
- has more characters for copy-pasting.

* MSWord

- you already have it, but you have to configure it.

    1. Click the Microsoft Office Button.

    2. Click Word Options.

    3. Click Proofing.

    4. Go to Writing Style, and click Grammar & Style in the drop down choices.

    5. Click Settings...
            and read through your grammar reviewer. =)

            How to use: Open your word document and press F7.

These tools are helpful to avoid embarrassing mistakes, and even the basic Subject-Verb Agreements within long sentences.

As you use these tools, you get to retain proper grammar structures.Together with the corresponding rules (as you research for them), you'll realize that sometimes their artificial intelligence may fail to satisfy from time to time.

These tools are only as good as you know the grammar rules yourself. These only help you have another set of eyes.

What other proofreading tools do you use?

(Top image from Pixabay)