There's a new breed of creatures lurking in broad daylight. Well, they also lurk at night, most especially among crowded places where transportation is anticipated.

Like dragons, they are very territorial - you won't see them work side by side with the others, not unless the underlings recognize that they are his subordinates.

This evolution-slash-mutation is dubbed as "Barkers."

Their bark is worse than their bite. They are mostly undergrads, but street-smart. (Nothing strange there. When one is not in school or office, they are usually on the streets.)

They are heeded by professionals who head up organizations, committees and conglomerates. Underpaid intellectuals line up at their command as they go on their way to work, and back. The workforce gets unruly on the highways without them. Jeepneys and bus drivers, as well as fly-by-night vehicle owners thrive with their commanding presence. Their greatest talent is the ability to raise their voices above the crowd and motor noises. They have a keen eye for details, especially for ladies in skirts.

They may have first started out as conductors…in a bus. They may have got tired of orchestrating commuters getting on and off, and also calculating fare changes. It’s really a pity to count money that is not yours.

But here they are, under the scorching heat of the blazing sun. Their skins have evolved into a thick dark covering, thicker than their pride and faces. They parade their shirt-less bodies in full view of every decent soul.

In rainy season, they have choices: to wield a beach umbrella, to don a make-shift coat out of commercial plastic with a stylized umbrella hat, or to stay home and sleep some more. A cold morning is understandable. Those helpless commuters will be back tomorrow; WE always do.

Some able-bodied men have found excuses to stop working for a boss. They are not disciplined enough to buy their own passenger vehicles, not even a tricycle. Being a barker costs them nothing; no investments required. They have a false sense of supervisory leadership. They get to encounter hundreds of people every single day. But just like any passenger, their security in life comes and goes. Some are even gone forever. But for now, a source of money is better than none at all, at least.

I’ll cut it short here. The queue for my long ride is building up. I don’t want to be late for my favorite show.