Some time ago, I got curious with the expression, ‘Ahoy!’ I used to hear this a lot when I was a kid while watching ‘Popeye the Sailorman.’

Paperboat by Dreamstime

Quick research shows that the most common use was by sailors as they hail another ship.

Skimming thru the sites, an entry caught my attention.

The word ‘ahoj’ is also pronounced as ‘ahoy,’ and it means ‘ad honorem Jesu.’ That is Latin for ‘to honor Jesus.’

I like that.

The spelling is even perfect. Be it Y for Yahweh, J for Jehovah and Jesus, or I for Iesu, the ending letter still makes the word pronounced the same. And the meaning remains, too. Our lives should be lived in the honor of our Lord Jesus.

And so, ahoY!

We all, like ships, have gone astray,
Each of us has turned his own way.

In this vast sea of humanity
Need be, an anchor, serenity.

Let us return then
to the Navigator and Captain

of our souls
of our lives

Hail Him, from on high
And draw nigh.

Live a life that honors Him
Leave the life that despises Him