My choice of candidate is only as good as when I vote. My vote is only as good as when it is counted. But when the tally comes, my choice is irrelevant – God decides who is king.

If God has already decided, then why do I need to vote? This sounds like the clay who talks back to the Potter, “Why did you make me this way?”

Let’s admit it: Though we vote according to our conscience, our conscience is formed by information made available to us. We can only know so much about a candidate, but God knows all things. In choosing, our sense of compatibility and personal preference are at work. We like a certain candidate because we feel that we like something about them, or with what they have done, or promised to do. Apparently, we wouldn’t choose someone we don’t agree with.

This is also our God-given free will. The Lord wants us to decide, and then to trust Him in His decision. He weaves the preferences of all the voting population, and from these, He causes to emerge the victor – the ruler of His choice. For those who voted for the would-be winner, their hearts are at peace. But for the rest, they undergo the next step: obedience.

And with obedience, everybody is involved. Even those who voted for the declared winner will find themselves, sooner or later, with situations where their choice are challenged and even regretted.

But it won't matter by then – we should all obey. Obedience is the key part. Submission is what’s important. It spans the rest of our lives in comparison to a one day event called ‘elections.’ The Scriptures is clear: all governing authorities are empowered by God. (John 19:11)

The trap is this: How can we be so consumed about a specific candidate, that we defame and blackwash the others? And when we find ourselves on the losing side, just how then can we stand before God’s people and command them to submit to the governing authorities?

God says that we pray for the peace of the land because when it prospers, we also prosper. And note that the Lord addressed this message to the Israelites in a land of captivity. So when we speak evil of leaders we do not like, we have already stumbled even before we have walked. We have smeared our spiritual authority, and we have poisoned the minds of God’s people against the rulers of whose hearts are in His hands.

Our future does not depend on the person who gets elected, but on the One who sits on the Throne. He is still, and always will be the King of kings and Lord of lords. God does not take sides; He is only on His side. It’s either we’re with Him, or against Him.

So the next time you vote, just do your part with wisdom, and let God do what He does best – lead the leaders. Everyone answers to Him.