A man was lost while driving through the country. As he tried to reach for the map, he accidentally drove off the road into a ditch. Thought he wasn't injured, his car was stuck deep in the mud. So the man walked to a nearby farm to ask for help. "Warwick can get you out of that ditch," said the farmer, pointing to an old mule standing in a field. The man looked at the decrepit old mule and looked at the farmer who just stood there repeating, "Yep, old Warwick can do the job." The man figured he had nothing to lose. The two men and the mule made their way back to the ditch. The farmer hitched the mule to the car. With a snap of the reins, he shouted, "Pull, Fred! Pull, Jack! Pull, Ted! Pull, Warwick!" And the mule pulled that car right out of the ditch. The man was amazed. He thanked the farmer, patted the mule, and asked, "Why did you call out all of those names before you called Warwick?" The farmer grinned and said, "Old Warwick is just about blind. As long as he believes he's part of a team, he doesn't mind pulling."

An excerpt from 'You Can't Send a Duck to Eagle School' by Mac Anderson


Dear Lord,

Even though there are times I feel like I’m all alone, I pray that you would remind me that I am not really alone. Just like the Prophet Elisha of old who opened the eyes of his servant (2 Ki 6:16-17) - seeing that there are MORE OF US than there are of them, please help me see that I am a part of a team - Your team.

{image: Dreamstime}

I’m on Your side. And whenever I do so, You’re on my side.

And Lord, as much as you make me a team leader, please help me include everyone in my team. Let none feel left out. Give me the wisdom to make them feel and know that we’re a team. Please give me such active leadership skills that our success is a group effort.