I am about to read some extra biblical material. But before I do, I want to lay down some guidelines:

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1. I chew the meat; spit out the bones.
Through the Holy Spirit, I pray for discernment to filter deceiving and misleading information.

2. I bear in mind that what I am about to read is not the Bible – not the breathed Word of God. As such, it is NOT used in teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness. [2 Timothy 3:16]

If what I read challenges Biblical text, then I stick with the Word and dismiss the other.

3. Is what I am reading will bring me closer to the Father? Will it build my faith? Will it make me a better Christian?

4. Will it spark any controversies?

As a rule of thumb, I will not use this, nor make any mention of this to unbelievers and young Christians, and even to contentious believers.

By virtue of true Christian living, I adhere to ‘living in harmony.’ [Romans 12:6]

So what do I do with this information?

I could die and go to heaven without missing these materials. And maybe, I could even sleep better in naivety and innocence, rather than with controversial information that I don’t know what to do with.

I’ll just comment, critique, and blog about it.

5. These book readings will never take the place of my bible reading and devotions. I’d rather spend time with the Word than go on sleepless moments with these.

And as for my Christian relative who triggered my curiosity over these materials, may I ask you:

How much time do you allot for Bible reading and worship every day?Do you also make it a goal to read the whole Bible in one year?Do you also memorize scriptures? I hope you’ll be quoting the Bible more than these.

On my part, I’m not really a fiction reader. I am not even intrigued by the Davinci code. I’m settled with synopses – it’s fiction anyway.

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But now, it’s different. I’ll be starting with ‘The Book of Enoch’ and ‘The Book of Jasher.’ I initially looked them up in a Catholic Bible in my YouVersion app, and to my surprise, it’s not even there.

What’s with these 2?

6. These books are not part of the canonized Bible. I go by the wisdom of the early fathers who brainstormed that the Bible I hold dear today is powerful and effective. I will not be guilty of thinking that I am smarter than seven brothers. [Proverbs 26:16]

These are not part of my salvation and deliverance, and that for a reason.

Is this attempt all worth it?