I was reading an old magazine in the toilet when I stumbled upon this:

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Saint Aquinas was kept prisoner by his mother, who opposed his priesthood. While captive in a room in the ancestral castle, his brothers sent a woman to seduce him. He responded by chasing her away. Then he prayed for the gift of perpetual chastity. He confided to his best friend that temptations never bothered him again.

Saint Augustine wrote about his struggle with sexual enslavement in his 'Confessions.' He confided that his foolish prayer before his conversion was: "Give me chastity, but not yet."

From: TIME magazine (Letters) September 27, 1999, Vol. 154 No. 12

I thought to myself:

1) I'm no Catholic priest; I do not make a vow of chastity. I'm a pastor wannabe - I can have a wife, and father some kids...

2) I admire St. Aquinas' determination - this applies to all servants of God, in and out of marriage. If he succeeded, then I can succeed, too. I'm a lover of but one wife. (1 Tim 3:2)

3. The Lord does not require that those who serve Him should be celibate. In the Beginning, when Jehovah was setting up the Levitical Priesthood, chastity was not a part of it. This kind is but the Rules of Men. When something is not normal, like the un-love between a man and a woman, perversion happens.

Celibacy in the Bible has its place, and it's only for a short period of time - not for a lifetime. (1 Cor 7:5)

4. There are those who received this grace, but it's not for everybody. (Mt 19:12)

In the end, the original intention is best: It's not good for man to be alone...(Gen 2:18)